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Welcome to Fun fest, a holiday club where learning and having fun go hand in hand. Our holiday camps are intended to encourage your children to be active, expose them to new and interesting activities, and provide them with a memorable, enjoyable experience. Every school break, a ton of entertaining activities. Every half term, we provide a variety of affordable sports, performing arts, and activities for your kids to enjoy during the vacation from school. The school holidays have a little extra wow thanks to our coaches, who have been doing it for years. Our camps have been as well-liked as they are now for many reasons than just the wide variety of wildly entertaining activities.

Summer Holiday Camps

Holiday clubs and summer camps were first established over the summer break to keep kids occupied during the protracted absence from school. Fun Fest’s holiday camps are assisting parents with their arrangements for school holiday childcare in more ways than ever before. Through a variety of unmatched activities, they ensure that the kids will have time to make new friends, have a good time, and gain confidence. Every time, we want every kid to have a fantastic time. The extraordinary starts right here at Fun Fest summer camps, where the days are long and the good times never end. Expect more than just a vacation spot for your kids while you’re at work throughout the summer. They will engage in a variety of summer activities at our summer camps, including many games they already know and love and many of “new” ones to try out, all of which are intended to improve their physical and social abilities.

Summer camps that are ideal for all grades and preferences!

Select from our adventure summer programs, which are filled with activities like games and crafts and survival training, or our performing arts and sports-specific summer camps. Every child, regardless of age or interests, has an amazing adventure waiting for them. Our camp programs are designed to provide children a good mix of fun, high-intensity activities and enough of downtime so that they feel involved all day. While at camp, they will form a lot of friendships and create enchanting experiences that will last a lifetime. Each location for a summer camp is carefully chosen and ideal for the activities that our children enjoy. Our staff uses the top UK schools based on their amenities, such as a hall or large classroom for indoor play, sports courts, and lots of green space for outdoor activities, to develop a calendar with a variety of options to suit every child’s interests.

Fun fest holiday club

The ideal way to make sure your child has a great holiday experience full of play and adventure is to enroll them in one of our “Fun Fest Holiday Clubs.” With a fantastic combination of athletic skills, exciting activities that keep kids moving, creative workshops that support kids’ self-expression, and much more, make sure your child doesn’t miss a moment by reserving their spot now. Our Kid’s Holiday Program, which is delivered by our enthusiastic teams of activity specialists, makes sure that every day is full with opportunities to create priceless memories in a fun and active setting! The opportunity will be given to kids to:

A Rising Star of Franchising

Not only has Fun Fest for Children been named one of the top 100 franchisors in the UK, but it has also been named one of the industry’s emerging stars, coming in at number 61. Fun Fest has made significant progress since launching its national franchise program in 2017. From Chorley in the north to Orpington in the south, Fun Fest has expanded to become a UK-wide network with over 25 functioning locations. Today Fun Fest All Fun Fest services are created to be child-led and assist kids in their decisions, making them a unique USP of choice. All of Fun Fest’s services received Good or Outstanding ratings throughout their Ofsted inspections. WorkingMums awarded Fun Fest the “Best Newcomer to Franchising Award in 2018.” The Fun Fest franchise bundle contains:

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