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What the Google Penalty for Mobile Interstitials Means for Your Business

In 2015, Google came harsh with the “Mobilegeddon” phenomenon where it sought to penalise websites that were not mobile friendly. As a result, many web owners and online marketers tweaked their websites to comply with the search engine’s regulation. As if that was not enough, Google is at it again in 2016, but this time […]

Craig Fairbrass New Website Launch

Craig Fairbrass is a renowned British actor who has been in the movie industry for quite a while and produced some of the best movies the industry has seen. In a bid to solidify his online identity as well as interact more with his fan base, we were commissioned for the design of his website. […]

Keyword Research and SEO Learn from the Best in the Industry

Global statistics have it that Europe and the Americas have the highest internet penetration and usage rates. Active subscription figures stand at 78 per 100 inhabitants. What this means is that your business is likely to witness an inflow of customers more from the online space than walk-ins. As a business, you should therefore adjust […]

How to Increase Your Website Traffic and Enquiries 2017

Small business owners often feel challenged when it comes to working their way through the digital world. Compared to their massive competitors, these businesses may not have comparable budgetary allocations and their marketing team is mostly lean. Such a combination of factors may spell failure for most businesses but for those that are careful to […]

How to Increase Your Ranking on Google Maps

Many business marketers have been focusing on getting their businesses on Google maps not knowing that is just the beginning step to getting visibility. The next step is to ensure the business ranks higher on Google maps meaning it appears high on the list of search results when someone uses Google maps to make a […]

The Benefits of 3D Rendering as a Marketing Tool

It doesn’t matter the kind of product you are selling, you require an excellent marketing strategy if your product promotion is to be effective to your targeted audience. This is especially true with tangible products including real estate properties. With effective marketing plans and tools, you can present and promote your properties in an efficient […]

Email Marketing Campaigns to Help You Effectively Convert Leads

If your business has salespeople whose main responsibility is to convert leads into customers, you may be surprised to learn that over 50% of the leads businesses generate are not ready to buy although qualified. The question now is, what do you do with those leads? You can’t discard them because you have already invested […]

The Future of Voice Search and Its Impact on Businesses

Voice search has been with us for quite some time, but mostly in the business to consumer segment. Nowadays, voice search is used virtually for anything from finding the next step in a recipe to getting directions to a nearby store or restaurant. Because of the different purposes voice search is used for, its impact […]

Commercial Aircon Company in Bristol

Imagine Group and Juvenate Media ltd has been working with Coolstreamac for a number of years now, and we can say with certainty that they are one of the best in the business. Not only do they offer commercial aircon installation, repair and maintenance services, but they also have a wealth of experience in commercial […]

Another of our clients Nick Rutter Wedding Photographer

Nick Rutter is one of our long-standing clients and we are proud to have him as a client. He is a highly skilled and experienced wedding photographer in Dorset who has won numerous awards for his work. Nick’s passion for photography shines through in every photo he takes, and he can capture the unique atmosphere of each […]