E-Commerce Design Development & Marketing

Bespoke Web Design and Development Agency in Gloucester, Bristol and Cardiff

If you have an excellent idea that can improve your business and bring real change, you need a partner to help you in realising it. Whether it is a website, an online marketing solution or an e-commerce platform, you can count on our genuine support. We work closely with our customers, throughout our service delivery process.

E-Commerce Design and Development

At Imagine Creation, we believe your vision should form the central part of your e-commerce campaign. E-commerce websites are required to manage high product volumes, billing processes, calculation of stock levels, and data management.

In light of this, we build designs that are intuitive and on-brand to help in holding your customers’ gaze.

We prioritise user experience in our e-commerce design because we believe this is the core of any successful ecommerce platform. Imagine Creation has a team of e-commerce experts to help you make sense of the nuts and bolts of e-commerce.

Among the platforms we have specialised in include Magento, Squarespace, CommerceHub, Drupal Commerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and Symphony. If your products are 100 and below, WooCommerce is excellent for you; otherwise Magento will help you handle any range of products above 100.

PPC and Social Media Marketing

Through SEO marketing, we increase your website traffic, boost your brand awareness, and enhance site usability. As a matter of fact, every online marketing strategy we design for you has SEO as its driving force. Our PPC and social media marketing strategies are designed and developed through market research and experience.

Web Hosting

The variety of options online can make the process of choosing a reliable web hosting service a daunting task. Imagine Creation has pooled together all the qualities you desire in a web hosting service and package them into a hosting product that you will enjoy.

We are reliable and won’t allow your website to go down because we know what this means to your reputation, membership, and profit. We give you both substantial bandwidth and superior features and technology that you can access through your control panel. Our 24/7 support system ensures that you get a quick response when stuck or have a query.

If you want to enjoy dedicated support and other added benefits, you can subscribe to our 24/7 hosting and service contracts.

All our services are built using a scalable and cost efficient solution focused on user experience and sales conversion.