How to Increase Your Ranking on Google Maps


How to Increase Your Ranking on Google Maps

Many business marketers have been focusing on getting their businesses on Google maps not knowing that is just the beginning step to getting visibility. The next step is to ensure the business ranks higher on Google maps meaning it appears high on the list of search results when someone uses Google maps to make a search. The first page of Google maps is one of the most competitive and coveted place to be because most users do not go further than the first page.

To enable you get the best, below are some ranking tips that you can incorporate on your Google maps strategy.

Verification of Your Google Places Data

When Google knows about your business, you stand good chances of being displayed correctly online. Ensure your listing is accurate and complete including:

  • Website and contact information – All possible contact information should be provided including your telephone number and address.
  • Business hours – This helps Google maps to inform your users if your business is closed or open at the time they are making the query. Adding business hours helps your potential consumers to know when to check into your business.
  • Removing duplicate information – Businesses with multiple locations or phone numbers are discredited by Google. Try and weed out all erroneous information and ensure only accurate information is reflected.


Google Reviews

Businesses that have good reviews end up being ranked higher on Google maps because they are proof of what trustworthiness means in business. If you offer excellent service, there should be no fear of you getting bad reviews. To start on this, copy your Google review link and share it on social media so as to encourage as many people as possible to review you. You can also have a landing page which leads directly to the review form of your Google maps listing.

Categorise Your Business

When creating a Google maps listing, there is the option of adding a keyword or a primary industry category that best describes your business. A majority of people are not aware that you can add anything up to 5 categories. Make sure you utilise all of them. For the primary category, include the main classification of your business while in the remaining 5; incorporate your local SEO keywords to additionally describe your business.

Embed a Google Map on Your Site

This is another way through which you can achieve a higher ranking on Google maps. You have options on where to embed the map on your site, but a majority of people prefer the contact us page. Putting up a Google map is simply a way of telling your audience and potential customers where your business is physically. Ensure the address you use is the same as that appearing on your Google places listing.

The easiest way to embed Google maps on your website is to search your business name in Google maps and then click embed or share map. Thereafter, copy the link and paste it on your contact page.

Optimise Your Google Map Listing

There is a character limit to your listing, but that notwithstanding, you can include your local SEO keywords instead of a superfluous description. This will ensure that you get found by your customers and prospects.

Make Use of a Local Phone Number

Inasmuch as toll free numbers are important for business, Google unfortunately doesn’t give them much weight because it considers them as spam. Local telephone numbers are credible because they show your business has a physical location that customers can come to visit.

Because of this, the telephone number you use should have an area code that matches your location.

Include Your Business Photos on the Listing

In order to stand out and rank higher on Google maps, you should add a photo to your listing. Pick a photo that highlights your business and preferably one that is on your website. The advantage is you can add more than one photo which means you can entice your customers with classic images of your business.

Listings which do not include business photos simply display a generic map of your business location. This won’t take you far.

If you already have a Google listing, it is still worth it to check and include any of the above components that is missing. It could mean the difference between a page one ranking and a complete absence from the prime pages of Google listing.

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