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Mobile App Design in Gloucester, Bristol and Cardiff

In the past decade, mobile phones have indisputably transformed the way we do businesses. As per statistics data, people all over the world gain access to the internet via their Smartphones more often than ever. In this scenario, the value mobile apps as well as mobile websites bring to the table cannot be undermined

We have a strong cross-functional professional team that is adept at developing visually stunning & functionally applicable mobile apps.

We design and develop flexible but yet simple mobile apps by integrating our world-wide experience, design abilities and technical know how to solve your most complex business needs

We use the very latest mobile app design guidelines and technologies for all major platforms like iOS, Android and Windows.There are some very crucial factors that you have to consider when launching your app, this is because thousands of apps are launched each day across multiple mobile app platforms

Our App Design Process

If you have a mobile app idea and are located within the areas Gloucester, Bristol and Cardiff contact us and share your idea with us so that we may get an understanding on exactly what you want your App to be all about. We will also need to find out how you want it to operate and the appearance and feel you want the App to have. We will then undertake to measure your app for usability and distinctiveness and begin evaluating its prospects in the App Market.

Our analysis report will then give you a clear idea about the pricing of your app, the appropriate methods for launch and implementation of the business plan. Once the mobile app concept has been agreed on and finalised, our highly experienced design team will develop design treatments for your App. This consists of creating screens and a flowchart of your mobile application. Once you are satisfied with the overall design and flow of the App, we will then proceed to develop your App and prepare it for the Mobile App Marketplace.


Launching your Mobile App

There are some very crucial factors that you have to consider when launching your app, this is because thousands of apps are launched each day across multiple mobile app platforms. Our Pre-launch packages include word of mouth promotion, online advertisement campaigns, press releases and YouTube promotional videos. This make up some of the useful techniques we will implement for you if you choose to partner with us. We also give you the right timing for the launch. We will engage your potential mobile app customers through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs etc. in order to make sure it becomes very popular. We will time your marketing campaigns with the app purchasing cycles and help you hit the grand slam. We will publish and distribute press releases for every update through effective outlets.

So get in touch with us so that we can deliberate on the best solution and approach towards your mobile app requirements. We will give you a custom made quote for iPhone Mobile Application Design, Android Mobile Application Design, and Windows Mobile Application Design that will surely fit your budget.

Our teams in Gloucester, Cardiff and Bristol will give you very best designs, support and service in the business, contact us today for a free quote.